O-G Worker Bee
The O-G Worker Bee™ is a professional flower trimming tray and pollen collection workstation that rests comfortably on your lap so that you can work ergonomically and more efficiently! Just find your favorite chair, couch, or floor space, open up your O-G Worker Bee™, and start trimming your flowers while simultaneously collecting pollen! Extended storage & divided work-spaces eliminate the need for additional tables or furniture. Put on your adjustable trimming bib, place your elbows comfortably on the soft elbow pads to elevate your hands above the pollen screen. Manicure and trim your flowers as usual…

After awhile, put down your snips and stretch your hands. No neck pain? That’s because you have the perfect tool for the job! Notice how your clothes aren’t covered in sticky plant resins or flower remnants? You think that’s great? Pick up the pollen screen, nest it into the lid, and check out your bounty of pollen on the glass below! After using your O-G Worker Bee™ once, you will wonder how you ever lived without one!
OG-Worker Bee