April 24, 2017
At Aurora we have carefully formulated our Roots Organics medias, nutrients, and amendments to be compliant for use in certified organic crop production and they are now approved by The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)! The CDFA reviews organic crop inputs for certified organic crop production and upholds one of the world’s highest standards known as the USDA NOP Rule.

Look for the CDFA OIM Seal of approval on Roots Organics medias, nutrients, and amendments!

April 17, 2017
After many requests our apparel is finally back on our website! Check it out here!

April 13, 2017
Whether you grow 4 tomatoes or 6 tomatoes, growing has never been easier then with Roots Organics... Just cut the top off and plant!! Watch the miraculous growth that Roots Organics provides. Yield, flavor, and quality is Aurora Innovation!

April 3, 2017
BULK SOIL! We're doing bulk loaded trucks! 60 yds and up. This is premium bagged style soil available in bulk, not some "tractor and slab" bulk media.

Aurora Innovation's new bag count
March 20, 2017
We believe in keeping it cutting edge. After our latest upgrade, we’re excited to report that our automated mix technology is bigger and better than ever. Using computer technology, we deliver the most consistent and dynamic soil on the market—and now you can buy it in bulk without leaving home. We’re happy to announce that our plant in Eugene can make bulk 60-70 yard deliveries to your farm or greenhouse. Our bulk soils are the same high-quality mixes you’ve come to expect from Roots Organics. Unlike other bulk soil suppliers, we’ll never employ the “tractor and slab” method—At Aurora, we believe in consistent results.

Aurora Innovation's new bag count
March 13, 2017
Aurora Innovations has always been dedicated to sustainable practices that reduce our carbon footprint. So we’re happy to announce that, like Green Fields and 707, our Roots Original soil will now be available in a bigger size: 3-cubic foot, ROD3. Aurora is constantly working to give growers new and better options. We hope that the larger size will make it easier for growers to plant directly in soil bags, and thus reduce container usage. By planting directly in Aurora bags, the customer saves money while reducing waste. Happy Planting!

Aurora Innovation's new bag count
March 6, 2017
RODMB 100 140
ROD 60 70
RO7071.5 60 70
ROGF 60 70
ROGL 60 70
ROEM 60 70
ROS 60 75
ROMG 72 75
ROCP 72 75
ROB2 72 75
RO707 36 36
ROGF3 36 36
ROD3 36 36
At Aurora, we’re constantly improving our manufacturing and distribution activities. Our goal is to consistently and economically supply the world’s best potting soil and fertilizers, while minimizing our carbon footprint. To that end, we’ve adjusted the quantity of bags for most of our media products. This will allow us to reduce packing and make sure we’re using freight systems efficiently. Every minor change makes a difference to our environment. We’re proud to strive for sustainability by reducing our impact on the planet. By participating in this conversion you’re helping too—we’re grateful for your involvement as we work toward a greener future. Thanks for adjusting with us.

Aurora Innovation's Dry Nutrients Player Pack
February 29, 2016
The Roots Organics Dry Player Pack is the perfect assortment of products for anyone interested in using dry organic plant nutrients in their garden. From the beginner to the master gardener, the Dry Player Pack provides everything needed for a comprehensive dry organic nutrient regiment, in one simple and affordable package. For the individual that wants a fully organic, heavy yielding garden, the Roots Organics Dry Player pack has everything necessary except the soil. The Dry Player Pack is designed for use in Organic Soil. Any Roots Organics Potting Soil is ideal.

Aurora Gives to Community Gardens
October 29, 2015
Every summer Aurora donates soil and nutrients to local schools and gardens such as Churchill Community Garden, Food for Lane County's Youth Farm, Food for Lane County's Grassroots Garden, and Lowel School District Gardens.

Kalapuya High School sent us a letter to thank us:
"Dear Aurora Innovations, Thank you very much for the donation you made to our program of Roots Organic Potting Mix and Liquid nutrients. Our students used these products to propagate hundreds of organic vegetable starts in our greenhouse. Many of the starts were sold at our annual plant sale fundraiser and money raised will go to sustaining our school garden and greenhouse program. We used the potting mix to also raise plants for our spring and summer garden which is currently in production at our school. Food from this garden has been processed for our school lunch program and cooking classes with leftover produce donated to the Bethel Free Farmer's Market. Finally, due in part to this support, many of our students were inspired to grow their own gardens this summer and ended up taking home extra vegetable starts for their own use." --Rich Dambrov, Teacher at Kalapuya High School.
See more pics from our Community Support Project.

Aurora Innovations White Root Pot
May 11, 2015
Our root pots with handles are now white root pots with handles! White reflects more heat and therefore will keep your root zone cooler. A cooler root zone, is a happier root zone, and a happier root zone means a bigger, happier plant. They are still made of 100% recycled materials, and have all the same properties of the regular root pots you know and love. Pamper your root zone with these newly available white containers!

Aurora Innovation's Greenhouse
April 30, 2015
This may seem crazy to say on a blog… but talk is cheap! At Aurora Innovations, it’s all about doing! When it comes to product trials, the only way to know for sure is to use it, and that’s exactly what we do. We’re quite fortunate that putting our products to the test means growing the finest organic veggies and greens under the sun (or hps lighting for that matter)! Trials go on year round at Aurora Innovation’s headquarters, but spring and summer are especially fun because of all the outdoor potential. Keep up with our blog and our Facebook and Instagram for updates on our gardens throughout this season, and some occasional tips to help you have the best produce on the block! In the meantime, here are some pictures of Aurora Innovations continuing to put in the work, to bring you the finest organic growing media and fertilizer on the planet! more here.

collecting bat guano
April 6, 2015
One of the ways Aurora Innovations remains a provider of the best organics available is by traveling the world in search of the highest quality inputs. After we received a tip about a rich, untapped guano source deep in the jungles of Nicaragua, we weren’t going to just sit back in Eugene, OR (lovely as it might be) and twiddle our thumbs! We went out and got it! Here are some pictures of a successful bat guano hunting mission. There are plenty of companies that can provide you with guano, but how many can show you that they’re willing to go out and get it themselves?...see more pics.

letter from reader, passionflower
March 23, 2015
Everybody likes to see the fruits of their labor, and that includes us at Aurora Innovations. Gardeners from all over the world send us feedback and testimonials and we love that. Every so often, some customer feedback will brighten up our day so much that we feel compelled to share! Letters from Gardeners will exclusively feature real unsolicited customer feedback. more.

picture of bat
March 3, 2015
Aurora Innovations has insisted on attaining guano only via bat friendly harvest methods for years. In addition to this personal commitment, we are also a supporting member of Bat Conservation International. We aren’t just in this to profit from poop, it’s about making the world a better place; and it’s only fair we give some special attention to the millions of fine furry flying fellows (and lady bats) that help us do it! Bat Conservation International works tirelessly to make the world a more bat friendly place by providing grants and scholarships to studies focused on the conservation of threatened bat species and compiling international research on bat conservation, populations, and a number of other bat-centric subjects. With how much great plant food bats provide us (and of course all the other wonderful things they do like insect population control, and plant pollination) we are happy to support that mission!

Aurora Innovations Earth Worm
February 25, 2015
Roots Organics Earth Worm is vermicompost which contains humus that assists in soil aggregation and in making nutrients more available for plant uptake. Vermicompost also improves the cation exchange capacity of soils. Our worms are carefully tended and fed an unparalleled blend of natural and organic bedding and feedstocks for exceptional quality vermicompost.

February 18, 2015
This new blog will feature lots of fascinating Aurora Innovations information. You’ll find out about our community support projects, featured retailers, new products, and so much more. This blog will give you a comprehensive idea of exactly who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We hope you already know some of those things, but if not, we look forward to making you part of our extended family. Much like earth’s natural ecosystem that we strive to sustain, the manufacturing and distribution of high quality, organic potting soils and fertilizers, creates a vast web of interconnected people and communities. We place immense value in those people and communities. We consider it our own ecosystem to be sustained. We have created this blog as a window into our ecosystem, with hopes that it helps you become a growing part of it. Happy Gardening!